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Mini Votive

Mini Votive

Votives come in sets of three unless specified.


Created under the Hunters Full Moon in Aries, our Beacon of Light Ritual Candle will aide and illuminate all darkness along your path.


Embody the energy of Ehwaz while lighting this ritual tool, connecting all aspects of your life in a harmonizing dance. Calling on the safety, security, and illumination of even the darkest aspects of your path.


Free yourself from the influential hold of others, and step into the void, knowing that this period of transition is assured to have fruitful gain. This ritual candle is made for those making the long play, aiming to triumph in this life with the incarnation of mental balance, peace, and protection, ensuring the success of your endeavors.


The goddess of witchcraft, magick, the night, the moon, and necromancy-- Hecate holds power over the Heavens, Earth, and Sea. She graciously gifts wealth, victory, wisdom, and luck to those deserving of her aid. Cherish this gift she has so generously bestowed upon you, for she will just as freely deem you unfit, if you are found to be half-heartedly progressing through your journey.


With these energies combined you will begin reclaiming and utilizing all facets of your being, becoming the torch that leads through not only your light, but safely through your darkness into your ultimate power.