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Loving Incantations

Awaken the Magic Within

It is my mission with Loving Incantations to reignite the passion and drive within your being. Allowing you the resources to uncover and rediscover your own powerful magic.

Its time your begin to view the world as mystical and enchanting. To feel the energy of the world around you. It's time to reconnect with who you are and what you came here to do.

I offer you course work, mentorship, and alter tools to aide you in your journey back to You. Take what serves you in this space and leave what doesn't. I'll be here to support you every step of the way.

Reminding you that this is your story.


You get to write it however you want to. All things are possible if you stop and connect... to source, to you...

Can you feel the potential vibrating right under your skin? Waiting for you to wake up and remember…


Let’s grow together.

And always remember…

You are infinitely supported!

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Jess Schaich

Hello Lovely Souls,

My name is Jess, I am an intuitive guide with a deep sense of the connections between all life, seen and unseen, within the universe. I use this connection to channel messages for my clients. 

I am a certified mindset and transformation coach. I am an energy healer. I chose these areas of focus because I experienced and used these tools first hand to pull myself from the depths of my own emotions and tribulations.

As a Scorpio Rising, I have unknowingly plunged myself into many a murky and deep learning situations. If I wasn't listening to my own inner guidance, it would be thrown back in my face in a darker manner than I was warned of in the first place.

I have pulled myself out of emotionally draining and toxic environment's, after severe bouts of suicidal depression. I learned that I have the power to change anything I put my mind to. That is after all where our truest power is held.

Now it's not necessary to hit rock bottom or reach the depths of your Shadow to begin to embark on your healing journey. It really takes the desire and intention to do so. To begin to see the light within. 

This power already exists within each of us. While working with me you will begin to see your world through eyes of gratitude, naturally shift into an loving mindset able to attract your hearts desire.

Together we can pin point exactly where you’ve been stuck and how to get out and on with it. With my guidance and the use of my tool box, you will grow and succeed on your own individual path.

Now its time to awaken your own inner magic!

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